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For most high school students, this week marks “1 month left” until school begins again. If you’re heading into your senior year and you haven’t given much thought or attention to the college application process, there is still time to get on top of all that is ahead.

Two things that won’t help you?  Beating yourself up over what you haven’t done, and panicking over everything you have to do.  Set aside a small block of time each day and focus on these five areas and you’ll feel great rolling into your senior year.   We’ll cover one in-depth each week. Let’s go – you got this!

Week 4 Strategy: Organization

The college process is a multi-month exercise of taking in and managing a lot of information. And all that information that matters in getting the money you need and making a solid college choice, not to mention saving time - which is at a premium senior year. Staying...

Week 3 Strategy: The Brag Sheet

Quite a lot of effort goes into studying for the ACT, making your college lists and writing a knockout essay. Even though you might be a bit worn out, resist the temptation to take a laid back approach to securing your letters of recommendation. Many admissions...

Week 2 Strategy: Essay Pre-Writing

A killer essay is a make or break part of your college app, and sets you up to be noticed when competing for scholarships. A good one takes some time to craft. "Written the night before" probably won't cut it, but you can get off to a strong start with these...

Week 1: Hunt and Gather

Doing this step now will save you valuable time later when you're fully into college and scholarship application and are preparing your brag sheet. An old-school 3-ring is one of the best tools to keep track of your lists, your outlines, drafts and other bits you...

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