Fast Flight

Fast Flight Friday

Here’s to rest, relaxation and little windows of time to let the mind wander where it will. If you love on-line quizzes and trivia and want to impact world hunger – will probably become your new obsession. Test your knowledge with vocab and subject...

Fast Flight Friday

Ah, Fridays and the promise of a little unstructured free time ahead. Sure, there will always be the laundry, but the great thing about the weekend is those little slivers of time that aren’t completely mapped out. If you’re seeking a little something for those little...

Fast Flight Friday

I keep hearing forecasts for a rainy, indoor weekend ahead. Guess I could clean or organize something, dig into one project or another. Or maybe I’ll … Chill with some music history. At you pick a year, a country, and the site returns a song from that...

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