About Julie Allen

When I was young, if anyone mentioned the idea that I consider becoming a teacher, I’d become practically apoplectic.  My life was going to be lived in the big wide world, not within what I thought would be the stifling walls of a classroom. Dreams of adventure and faraway places are not uncommon for a kid from a small town, and once I had seen Paris I wasn’t planning to go “back down to the farm.”

My mom, herself an extraordinarily gifted educator, regularly pointed out the joys and sacred privilege of imparting knowledge to others. She gently and persistently suggested (or was it bold prophecy?) that someday I would find my way to teaching.

You know what they say about Moms always being right.

I have been inspired by some amazing teachers. And endured some pretty bad ones.  Time and perspective taught me to value both, and they equally shaped my thinking about education, and the adult I have become. Somewhere in that journey, I found my purpose. I learned how to fly.

I have been a part of the educational paths of students at every grade level; from kindergarten to college. First and foremost I am a music educator.  Over time, my career evolved to specializing in educational leadership and the world of college access and persistence. Helping young people leap over barriers and run towards their passion….that’s when I feel I can soar.

Teach Me To Fly celebrates and explores teaching and learning across our lives; whenever and wherever that occurs. Welcome dreamers. Let’s fly.

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